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Editorial review


Lionel Mira Senior editor

Before reviewing the Heatcraft HDPsyChart would be good to make clear what psychrometric charts are for those who don’t know. The term psychrometrics are used to describe the field of engineering concerned with the determination of physical and thermodynamic properties of gas-vapor mixtures.
A psychrometric chart is the tool that relations the different variables involved: in this case, temperature, enthalpy, sensible heat and pressure. Another key variable is the ratio of vapor/gas in the mixture since this ratio will affect its characteristics.

Traditionally, this type of chart was used on its paper versions with all its limitations. Heatcraft HDPsyChart brings this tool to the digital age. Anyway, you will be using the chart just like it was a chart on a paper with some advantages. You’ll be able to zoom in to better look at a specific area of the chart, you’ll be able to state several points of interest knowing all its characteristics, and what’s more interesting, you’ll be able to connect several points into a thermodynamic process. Just to name one example, the process a refrigerator performs to cool your food is a thermodynamic process.

This version of Heatcraft HDPsyChart allows saving the native files with an .hdd extension for further use. Also, it can copy the chart image to the clipboard so you can use the image in a report or a proposal. Only the professional edition will allow you to extract the data of the chart to use it in another application. You can update to the professional edition for a promotional price of $69.

The program requires you to have a printer installed on your system; otherwise it will show you some video errors on start up.


  • It's available for free since it's and outdated version.
  • It allows to state points on the graph for future references.
  • It runs on Windows XP.


  • It's an outdated version.
  • The software is at its version 6 now.
  • It's not prepared for Vista.

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